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Summary of Service
Graphic that outlines the division of member service between three main areas - Tutoring and Support, After School Programs, and Parent Connection

City of Lakes AmeriCorps offers an intense intervention to LTEL (Long-Term English Learner) middle school students. These services fall into three main categories: Tutoring and Support, After School Programs, and Parent Connection.

Tutoring and Support 

•      Full-time Academic Coaches support in an English Language Development class that is led by a licensed teacher. Members work with small groups of students within the classroom.

•      This class utilizes English 3D curriculum, which may be supplemented as the teacher sees fit.

•      Members and teacher regularly check in regarding progress of students and current academic goals.

•      Additionally, members support caseload students in other content classes and prompt the use of academic language throughout the school day.

Parent Connection 

•      Members make 2 or more positive parental contacts per month via phone calls, newsletters, or emails.

•      Members address any barriers families may have for attending school events. This can include providing transportation, connecting with interpreters, or providing childcare.

After School Programs 

•      Goal to involve middle school students, particularly LTELs, in at least 2 days per week of social-emotional learning opportunitunies during out-of-school-time programming

•      Members lead classes open to all students attending on-site after school programs

•      Academic Support, Enrichment options (determined by youth voice & choice) and Homework Help are other options for the after school time

Community Engagement 

•      Goal to increase connection of school site to volunteers and community partnerships
•      Support community and family engagement in school and district-wide events
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