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Who's Eligible to Be Served by CoL?
Students are eligible to be served by CoL if  they've had Limited English Proficienty (LEP) status for five or more years, regarless of their current WIDA level. However, the program is most effective with students of intermediate to high WIDA ACCESS Levels whose overall language proficiency score is 3.0 or higher. In addition, the program prioritizes:
  • Students who are not receiving other individual ESL supports already (ie stand-alone classes, or pull outs by the ESL teacher);
  • Sutdents who have previously received CoL services and are not yet reached proficiency;
  • Students whose schedule allows for both enrollment in the E3D Academic Language class and receiving push-in support from a CoL member;
  • Students who teachers feel would most benefit from an Academic Coach / Mentor.

Dual-eligible students: From a program standpoint, members are able to serve dual-eligible LTELs if a teacher feels the student would benefit from this support; however, we ask that members are informed of any accomodations or other pertinent information from student IEPs in order to most effectively serve that student.

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