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Review the latest list of colleges and universities that match the AmeriCorps Education Award.

If the school you want to attend is not listed, still ask if they offer any additional benefits for AmeriCorps alum! Many schools offer additional benefits that aren't always well advertised, even for graduate school, from  25% off the cost of one class per semester up to a blanket $5,000 scholarship to AmeriCorps alum (Concordia University in St Paul).


For alumni enrolled in a Minnesota teacher preparation program - check here to see if you qualify for  Minnesota Student Teacher Grant to help cover your expenses while student teaching.


Unique programs seeking AmeriCorps alumni:

  • The Milwaukee Idea Economic Development Fellows Program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee offers graduate school fellowship opportunities exclusively to AmeriCorps and Peace Corps alumni. The Fellows Program is an opportunity for individuals to obtain their Masters Degree while supporting community development and gaining valuable work experience. The Fellows Program provides fellows with fully paid tuition and a paid work assignment in a community based organization.
  • Clark University's (Worcester, MA) Department of International Development, Community and Environment guarantees a 50% scholarship to AmeriCorps alum accepted into one of the four graduate programs in: Community Development and Planning, International Development, Environmental Science and Policy, and Geographic Information Sciences for Development and Environment.  
  • The Clinton School of Public Service (part of the University of Arkansas) offers a 16 month a Master of Public Service degree program -- with a global emphasis on citizen engagement, community development, leadership, social justice and equity. They are looking for qualified AmeriCorps and Peace Corps alumni. The Clinton School has made a decision to "double match" the AmeriCorps education award.
  • Summer or semester-long internships with the The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) offer focused internships in DC, complete with college credit and a furnished apartment. The annual deadline for summer is typically in December, so plan to apply early. The Institute is ideal for undergraduate student leaders who are engaged in service programs on and off their campuses. All majors and fields of study are welcome.

  • The Monterey Institute of International Studies, a graduate school of Middlebury College, has recently partnered with AmeriCorps alums to offer preferential scholarships for Corps members. The Monterey Institute offers graduate programs in international policy, public administration, education managment, international development, business, translation and interpretation, and teaching that are designed to serve the common good.  They integrate language training and practica into their curriculum to ensure that students are fully prepared for careers that serve an increasingly global and multicultural society.  The Institute sought to partner with AmeriCorps because they believe that corps members embody the pragmatic idealism that they seek in their students.


Interested in Public Administration? Review the Education Guides on and for lists of scholarships, comprehensive degree program data, licensing & certification info by state, and career profiles for the industry. 

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