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How to Apply
There are four steps to the CoL Hiring Process. Step 1, do your research on AmeriCorps service and the CoL program. Step 2, apply online at Step 3, Attend an online or in-person group interview. Step 4, Go thru the site placement process and complete the AmeriCorps background check.

**** Please Note: For a faster response, please apply via My AmeriCorps and Service Year, if possile. Applications submitted via MPS Careers page are taking up to 6 weeks to get to us. If you apply via MPS, please also email a copy of your resume to Lisa Lambert at ***

Questions about the application process? Contact Lisa Lambert at 612-668-3905 or

Questions about the full-time Academic Coach position? Contact Jessica Franklin at 612-668-3981 or

Questions about the part-time Youth Worker position? Contact Hanna Miller at  612-668- 3943 or