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The Role of AmeriCorps Members


City of Lakes AmeriCorps provides dedicated and rigorous English Language Development (ELD) support to middle school Long-Term English Learners (LTELs) both during the school day and out-of-school time programming. To get a comprehensive view of the role members play in doing this, review our Full-time Academic Coach Service Description, and our Part-time Youth Worker Service Description, then explore the details below and in the FAQs.



Making up the majority of middle school English Language Learners in Minneapolis Public Schools, many Long-Term English Learners (LTELs) have been in the district or U.S. schools for most of their lives.  Although many of our students were born in the United States, they still carry the English learner designation and typically have plateaued at an intermediate level of English proficiency. 

The key characteristics of a Long-Term English Learner include:

·         Designation as an English Language Learner for five or more years

·         Reading and writing below grade level

·         Habits of non-engagement

·         Oral fluency in social English

·         Usually insufficient literacy in primary language

·         More likely to drop out of high school

·         Struggling academically in courses



ELD-Focused Classroom Model

CoL Academic Coaches (full-time members) support Academic English Language Development in middle school LTELs through a focused classroom model.  Led by a licensed teacher, the English Language Development (ELD) classroom is a dynamic and interactive environment where students have multiple opportunities each day to engage in academic language production in an intentional and supportive community. The classroom is characterized by high levels of teacher-led and member-supported academic English discourse and activity, utilizing the English 3D Curriculum as a guide.  Each member additionally supports at least 10 LTELs by building positive academic mentoring relationships and providing content class support throughout the school day to facilitate the transfer of skills across settings.


Culturally Responsive Youth Development Programming

CoL Youth Workers (part-time members) provide out-of-school-time enrichment opportunities for youth through established programs on site. These members also give particular attention to increasing student and family engagement and mobilizing community partners to build capacity.  Youth Workers serve to build intentional connections between and among the diverse communities that make up Minneapolis Public Schools so that all families and students feel welcomed and have a sense of belonging.