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Benefits of Service
Quote from a CoL alum that reads "City of Lakes gave me the perspective to see where I wanted to go with my life. It inspired me to take the leaps to go to grad school, try new things professionally and to network, network, network!"

Joining the City of Lakes AmeriCorps program provides many rewards and benefits.

Living Allowance

  • Full-time members receive approximately $572 (before taxes) every 2 weeks
  • Part-time members receive approximately $275 (before taxes) every 2 weeks
  • If you receive state or federal benefits, such as SSI, SSDI, or Medical Assistance and you are concerned about how serving in AmeriCorps may impact your benefits, please read this FAQ designed specifically for Minnesota residents, as well as this handout.

Help with College Costs and Student Loans

Health Coverage for eligible full-time members

Assistance paying for Child Care (eligible full-time members only)

Professional Development

Direct Service Experience