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How to Apply

Follow these steps to become a member with the City of Lakes AmeriCorps program:

Step 1:  Explore our web site at your own pace to learn more about the City of Lakes AmeriCorps program.  

             Still not sure you want to apply? Complete this form to request an information phone call with program staff or a current member.

Step 2: Complete the AmeriCorps online application.  We recommend using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer on a computer (as opposed to a mobile device). Once we receive your application, City of Lakes program staff will contact you within two business days to schedule an interview. Here are some tips on submitting the AmeriCorps online application:

  1. Go to MyAmeriCorps
  2. Click on "Apply to Serve" at the bottom of the page
  3. Complete the requested profile information 
  4. Once you receive your account information via email, log into the MyAmeriCorps portal and use the navigation panel on the left to complete your application and reference information. Your references should include at least one work or volunteer reference.
  5. IMPORTANT! Please complete this step or we WILL NOT receive your application. When your application is complete, click "Search Listings." Enter "City of Lakes" in the Program Name field (ignore all the other fields) and click "Search." Read the program information and then click "Apply Now" at the bottom of the page.

Step 3 - Interview: Interviews are typically in a group format and can last 2 hours. Program staff will contact you within two business days of your interview to let you know if you will move on to the Site Placment Process. 

Step 4 - Site Placement: Program staff will recommend you for site placement. To ensure a successful match between an applicant and a site, CoL staff consider applicant skills and preferences as well as site needs when determining placement options.  Once a site confirms the match you will be officially offered a position in the City of Lakes program. City of Lakes program staff will send you information on being fingerprinted in order to undergo a background check per AmeriCorps requirements, which must be completed and passed before you can begin your service with City of Lakes.


Questions about the application process? Contact Lisa Lambert at 612-668-3905 or

Questions about the full-time English Language Tutor position? Contact Jean Fawver at 612-668-3981 or

Questions about the part-time Youth Worker position? Contact Hanna Miller at  612-668- 3943 or